MCCANNEX Priority Assurance Plan

You'd rather focus on running your business
I focus on making sure your website works for your business
Site updates, security, performance, backups, and finally: peace of mind

Hi there! If you’re reading this, it’s because you were sent directly to this page. There’s no link here anywhere on the website. The service described here is not offered to just anyone; keep reading to find out why.

First things first. Tell me if any of this sounds familiar:

  • You’ve got a WordPress website that your business depends on for revenue, lead generation, customer interaction, and brand visibility. If the site is down, your customers can’t buy, prospects can’t engage with you, and it’s just plain bad for business. Sometimes it feels like a house of cards, and you’ve got your fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong.
  • There seems to be an endless list of things that need taken care of on your site, but you don’t have the time or expertise to address everything. You know some of what needs done, but it would take forever to get to it all.
  • Running your business sounds like a better usage of your time than becoming an expert in cybersecurity and server infrastructure. You just want the damn thing to work.
  • Remember that one time you updated a small plugin and your entire site broke for no reason? Finding someone to fix it was difficult. Dealing with the stress was even more difficult. Two days later it was back up and running, but you were left totally drained from the experience (and a bit gun-shy as well).
  • There was a time when you used to have someone to call to fix stuff for you — maybe someone’s cousin or your neighbor’s son. After a while, responses to your requests started taking longer and longer to get answered. Then one day they disappeared completely, leaving you to fix everything on your own.
  • There’s a part of your site that you’d like to improve, but you don’t quite know the best way to do it. Learning how to code doesn’t sound fun right now; you’d rather fill orders. You’re not sure who to call to get it done quickly and effectively.
  • Searching for help with all this made you feel like your site was simply a commodity. $39 to fix everything? Really? Your website is vital to the success of your business, and you want it to be treated as such, not just placed in a queue with a thousand other sites.

I hear it all too often, but it doesn't need to be this way

So what can I do for you?

  • Let you focus on your business instead of fighting with your website. Framework updates, security scanning, infrastructure management, daily backups, and uptime monitoring? All day, every day. I’ve got you covered.
  • Your website problems are a thing of the past. You’ve got a guy for that now. Menu not working on mobile devices? Complicated email about updating DNS entries from your domain provider? Enjoy the peace of mind; I’ll take care of it.
  • Rest easy knowing that you’ve got a trusted advisor. Someone who has taken the time to understand your particular business, the frustrations you’ve been facing, and can offer in-depth suggestions and solutions to get you where you want to go. This isn’t a transaction, it’s a relationship.
  • Respond to you quickly and professionally (okay, maybe just a few jokes). Working with me means that you have priority access. Send me an email, call my cell, or even shoot off a quick text. I’ll get back to you as quickly as I possibly can. There’s a reason I don’t offer this to everyone.
  • Offer suggestions on proactive improvements. Maybe your existing solution works okay for right now. However, it’s my job to make sure you’ve got the best tools at your disposal. Things are easier for me when they work better for you; it’s a win-win.
  • Hackers would just love to get their hands on your database. I keep the bad guys out. Protect your (and your customers) information. Security is more important than ever, and it’s incredibly challenging to do well. You’ve got an expert in your corner now.
  • 100% no-risk, no-contract guarantee. My job is to make sure you’re completely and totally satisfied. No long-term commitments, no nickel-and-diming. If you’re not happy, I’ll refund your payment. Easy as that.

You can think of me as your very own CTO, available at a moment’s notice.

So who the hell am I?

Oh, hi there. My name is Colin McCann, and I’ve been doing this whole “web” thing for nearly 20 years now. From dialing into BBSs on shotgunned 14.4kbps modems, to cutting my dev teeth on Microsoft FrontPage (I know, I know…), to managing dozens of servers via hand-built automated processes, I’ve been in the game long enough to not feel shy about saying I am an expert in this. Performance, cybersecurity, infrastructure, backups, and everything that goes on under the hood — that’s my game, and not to brag, but I am very good at it.

This line of work is incredibly challenging, maddeningly complex, and involves about ten thousand moving parts. It’s absolutely fascinating to me, and there’s nothing I love more than solving these seemingly intractable problems with speed, competence, and elegance.

But hey, don’t just take my word for it. Keep reading and you can check out testimonials from some of the people I’ve been working with over the last few years. Speaking of…

Who is this for, anyway?

I mentioned above that my services are not for everyone. Over the years, I’ve found a few common attributes between clients that are a particularly great fit, as well as those who may not be:

Clients that fit well:

  • Have an established business and know that their website is crucial to continued success. They understand the value that their site provides, as well as the professional partnerships (and the trust that went into them) they have built up along the way.
  • Value their time and energy and do not hesitate in reaching out to experts when needed. This allows them to focus on their business, their relationships, and living the life that they want, all while knowing that their assets are being properly taken care of.
  • Understand boundaries, and are unapologetic about enforcing them in their own lives. That means they wouldn’t call a dozen times a day, because it would drive them absolutely crazy if someone did that to them. They treat their interactions with professionalism, trust, and respect — and they expect the same in return.
  • Have goals, passion, and a budget. If you don’t know where you want your business to go, it’s impossible to get there. If you’re not excited about the work you’re doing, you’re not going to have the fuel needed to keep pushing forward when things get difficult. And if you don’t have a budget, it’s going to be extremely challenging to get the help you need. But if you have all three, the sky’s the limit.

Clients that aren’t really a good fit:

  • Have a pre-revenue business. If you’re just starting out, I’m happy to offer advice and consulting to get you up and running, but the bulk of what’s offered here may not be best for you at the moment.
  • Need a simple one-time fix. I prefer to focus on building long-term relationships, not checking off a few boxes on a to-do list. More than happy to recommend resources that might suit you, though.
  • Are the super DIY type. If you’d like me to show you how I do all the things I do, there’s plenty of resources available  that can give you an overview. Feel free to use them as you see fit, but I find my time is better spent serving the needs of my clients.

I think I’m a good fit. What does your service do for me?

The quick version is that I do all the mundane-but-important things you don’t want to, so you can get back to being a rockstar with your business. Working with me means your website will continue to drive traffic and revenue into your business at a fraction of the time and cost it would take to do it yourself. Here’s what that includes:

  • Dedicated care and attention to your website. I know how important your site is to your business, which is why I make it my business to constantly keep an eye on things. Your site being cared for under the Assurance Plan isn’t a transaction, it’s a relationship.
  • Minute-by-minute uptime monitoring, triggering immediate alerts for me if a problem is ever detected. Your website stays running and available for everyone, worldwide, always. If it goes down, my phone blows up, so I do everything possible to make sure that doesn’t happen. 
  • Performance upgrades and speed boosts using compression/minification, CDNs, caching layers, image optimization, and all the tips and tricks that nearly twenty years of experience has given me. Buzzwords aside, it means that your site loads faster than you ever thought possible.
  • Deep server analysis and optimization, where your software and hardware is fine-tuned to give maximum performance, ironclad security, and blazing fast response times. Remember those scenes in the movies where a guy is furiously typing away at a black screen with green text? This is that, except I don’t wear glasses.
  • On-demand staging servers. Want to test something new, but don’t want to disrupt your current site? With staging, your site is cloned to a hidden server where we can test as much as needed for as long as it takes. Once everyone is satisfied with the improvements, we seamlessly merge the sites back together.
  • Priority access. Being on the Assurance Plan means that your needs get handled first. Assurance clients get my personal cell number (call or text) and of course my email address. When you’re on this plan, “you’ve got a guy for that,” and responses are wicked fast. I make your problems disappear. Quickly.
  • Daily offsite backups and recovery services, ensuring that you are constantly covered from any disruption (and never lose a thing). Even if the data center hosting your website gets completely destroyed by a meteor, I can have you back online before you even knew there was a problem… Unless you live next to the impact crater. I can’t help with that part.
  • Ongoing security improvements to the framework core, themes, and plugins, along with daily security scans to make sure nothing bad ever creeps in. A custom-tailored suit of bulletproof armor for your website. It’s the same code I run on my own sites. Peace of mind that everything is always up to date.
  • Development improvements and upgrades. Want to move forward on implementing the Next Big Idea for your business? Let’s do it. Small stuff included by default, big stuff just takes a conversation first. If you’re on the Assurance Plan, rest assured that I’ve got you covered.
  • No contract, no risk, and a 100% guarantee. If you’re not wildly satisfied, there is no obligation to continue. My job is to make sure you’re completely thrilled with the service here, and I’ve got the tools and experience to do exactly that.

One of the great things about this plan is how it aligns our incentives. By offering this level of service and support, it is absolutely in my best interest to keep things running perfectly at all times. Doing anything less just creates more work for both of us in the long run, and there is no benefit to skimping on quality.

Here’s the bottom line: The better things go for you, the better things go for me. It’s a win-win.

Who else thinks so?

I’m glad you asked! Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some incredibly talented and inspiring professionals. Here’s what a few of them have said:

Marc Aarons, Sales & Growth Strategist
80/20 Solutions,

“What I really appreciated was that you would regularly check on things and say ‘Hey there’s a thing here that needs fixing and here’s how I can help you take care of it’. Now I wouldn’t always take action instantly there, but when I did, I immediately thought of you over anyone else. Even you just being proactive and sending the message that you would be available to fix it solves the big issue of ‘how do I want to take the time to write the email to reach out to somebody just to find out that they’re not available? That’s just time down the drain.’ And I really don’t have a lot of that, otherwise I’d be fixing the thing myself. You reaching out proactively just immediately took that thought away and gave a lot of relief.

Ryan Ford, Author / Coach / Entrepreneur
Apex School of Movement
, ParkourEDU

Your attention to detail has been fantastic. Sometimes I’m not sure what you’re doing with the technical stuff, but you’ve always been able to explain it well and I appreciate that. Our main sites get a lot of traffic and involve plenty of e-commerce, and knowing that customers are having their orders processed successfully and that students can access their purchased courses is satisfying. Every time we’ve had a problem, you’ve been quick to move and solve.

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Jason Brown, MSESS, CSCS, CSSC
Box Programming, BP Training Systems

“I had worked with so many different people and had been searching for the right person for so long that when we initially worked together, I was blown away with how incredibly thorough you were. The level of detail was very surprising. There was more information in your explanations than anyone had ever given me. How quickly you were able to get things done made me feel like you’re a ninja. I don’t fear anything breaking with you because I know you’ll be on top of it immediately. It felt like the same sort of service that I give my clients. That really resonated with me and it lined up with the core values that I have for my own business.

Why shouldn't I work with you?

Here’s a question for you: How many first year med school students need to be holding scalpels in the operating room before you feel comfortable undergoing surgery?

Silly, right? The point is, there is literally no amount of average talent that can equal the performance of those at the top of their field. However, plenty of people don’t require that sort of skill from their provider in order to reach the goals of their business.

There’s actually quite a few businesses out there that have a lot of overlap with some of what I provide. Simply doing a web search for “wordpress management services” will get you an exhaustive (and exhausting) list of providers. Some of them are quite good, some are decidedly less so. But how can you tell? The concern I see most often is similar to asking “how good is this seat belt?” — you may not find out until you’re in a really problematic situation.

A lot of these services will generally suit the needs of most small business owners. One of the biggest differences, though, is that what I’m offering isn’t a transaction, it’s a relationship. If you’re on my Assurance Plan, understand that it is my job to act as a trusted advisor and guide you to the best possible outcomes using all the tools and skills at my disposal.

My services are geared toward the people who say “I want the best guy I can possibly get to oversee my investment” — and those are definitely the clients I enjoy working with the most. They understand that having someone who is proactively looking out for their best interests is worth far more than someone that just want to get the job done.

Sounds good, I’m in. What’s next?

It’s important for me to make sure that I’m only working with clients who understand the value that their website adds to their business. This is why you can’t get to this page from anywhere on my website. This is why the Assurance Plan is invite-only.

This service is designed to offer you peace of mind and the assurance that you have a skilled partner who can help you achieve your online objectives.

If you’re ready to get started, Click the link below to select a few dates and times that work with your schedule and we’ll get a call set up. Really looking forward to creating something amazing with you.

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  2. Choose three (3) dates and times that work best for you
  3. If it’s relevant, please add a note indicating who referred you to me so I can send them a thank you!
  4. Once you submit your three choices, I’ll be able to select the one that works best for my schedule
  5. We both get emailed a calendar invite for the Zoom call
Talk with you soon!